Pubdate: Mon, 08 Aug 2005
Source: North Thompson Star/Journal (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 The North Thompson Star/Journal
Author: Russell Barth


To the editor;

Re; Drug policy for SD 73 in the July 18, 2005, issue of the

I don't think that kids should be using drugs (caffeine included) but
I strongly criticize the way we are dealing with the problem in our
society. Your article states "-the policy that will see a
zero-tolerance stand taken toward drugs and alcohol on school
property-" Does that rule extend to teachers and support staff? Why
isn't tobacco on that list too?

It continues: "Student athletes would be suspended from play for a
calendar year under the new rules." Wow! What better way to get a kid
to turn to drugs than to take away his extra-curricular activities!?
What kind of backward thinking is this!? The message we are sending
kids: "If you make a mistake, you will be punished and

Instead of treating schools like jails, why not just tell kids the
straight honest truth about drugs? Why must adults always enforce the
"Do as we say, not as we do" doctrine? Why must we treat children like
inmates, or worse yet - property - rather than people?

It is no wonder so many kids do drugs. On TV, we advertise remedies
for everything from headaches and toothaches, to menstrual cramps and
erectile dysfunction, mixed in with beer and "zoom zoom" car
commercials, followed by Pizza Hut and Weight Watchers

Then we tell kids "Say No To Drugs".

We bring children into a culture where wealth-acquisition, violence,
and self-indulgence is encouraged, celebrated, and advertised, then
tell them to be nice. Does anyone think that kids don't notice this
incredibly absurd hypocrisy?

When kids realize that adults have lied to them about something as
simple as cannabis (for example), they will be much less likely to
believe a word that adults say. Once bitten, twice shy- Later, when
kids come into contact with meth and heroin and cocaine, they will
think "Adults lied about pot, they are probably lying about this too.
Gimme a hit!"

"Illegal drugs" are easier for kids to access than "legal" drugs like
alcohol and tobacco, and prescription drugs are now presenting a much
bigger health concern than any other drugs, but we still shroud
cannabis in myth and hyperbole and rhetoric. Kids notice this, and
they know they are being conned.

It is adults who have failed to keep kids away from drugs, and it is
adults who have failed to keep drugs away from kids.

Russell Barth

Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder

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