Pubdate: Fri, 22 Jul 2005
Source: Ledger, The (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The Ledger
Author: Helen J. Liebman


This letter is in support of The New York Times op-ed piece written by
John Tierney [Ledger, July 20].

As I write this, I am in mind-numbing, constant pain. Unlike Mr. Paey,
I will not allow the doctors to touch my back surgically, and I am
justified, but I understand completely the type of pain from which he
suffers. The end result of his search for relief through his doctor
just goes to show how much common sense has disappeared among the
prosecutors and those who assist them.

First of all, it is absolutely ridiculous to persecute doctors for
providing adequate pain relief. Second, it is even more ridiculous to
persecute the patients who are only seeking some relief from their
pain. Third, the jurors assumed that the doctor had to be telling the
truth. After all, he's a doctor. They forgot that he had far more to
lose than Mr. Paey, and I can just imagine the kind of tactics that
were used to pressure him to lie so that Mr. Paey could be made an
example of.

I don't blame Mr. Paey for not accepting a plea bargain. If he is
telling the truth, and I believe him, he had no reason to, but the
prosecutors (or should I say persecutors) in this case have much to be
ashamed of. If I could curse them in Yiddish, I would, but my hope for
them is that they develop the same back pain and learn what it's like
to be on the other end of this problem -- only I hope their pain is 10
times worse than either Mr. Paey's or mine. It couldn't happen to more
deserving persons.

As far as the drug agents are concerned, someone needs to remind them
that there is still a cartel in South America and lots of heroin
coming into this country from Afghanistan. Moreover, it would appear
that there are plenty of meth labs they can go after. They would serve
this state and nation better by doing something about these drug
sources and stop persecuting those of us whose only wish is that we
could spend one hour without the pain we suffer from.


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