Pubdate: Sat, 16 Jul 2005
Source: St. Cloud Times (MN)
Copyright: 2005 St. Cloud Times
Author: Kirk Muse
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I'm writing about the thoughtful July 6 letter, "High court's ruling 
denies medicine to the ill."

The prime beneficiary of the Supreme Court ruling on medical 
marijuana is the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn't want an easy-to-grow herb 
replacing its very expensive, patented medications.

The pharmaceutical industry is America's most profitable industry, 
and it wants to keep it that way.

Why do Americans pay more than any anybody else on the planet for 
prescription medications?

Primarily because of the "favors" granted by Congress.

And the pharmaceutical industry essentially "owns" the Congress. (See 
the Web site:

Obviously, the pharmaceutical industry "owns" most of the Republicans 
in Congress. Follow the money and you will know how and why.

Kirk Muse

Mesa, Ariz.
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