Pubdate: Sun, 10 Jul 2005
Source: Chapel Hill News (NC)
Copyright: 2005 Chapel Hill News
Author: Stephen Heath


Bravo to letter writer Noreen Ordronneau!

I submit the urgent question for policy makers should be, "Will criminal 
justice and DEA-style solutions reduce the amount of cocaine abuse in the 
United States?"

No matter how many hectares of Colombia, Bolivia or Peru the United States 
and paid contractors destroy with their aerial-dispersed poisons, not a 
single cocaine abuser in the United States is any closer to true recovery. 
If equal priority is not given to reducing demand, cocaine importers will 
simply continue to score their product from the never-ending flow of coke 
smuggled from across South America.

It's time for more sensible alternatives. We need to stop destroying other 
countries' agricultural infrastructure in the futile effort to "control" 
the multi-billion dollar cocaine industry. Equally urgent, we need more 
funding of programs that provide treatment on demand for any drug abuser 
who wants it. Such treatment should be available regardless of the drug of 
abuse -- whether that drug be cocaine, meth, alcohol, nicotine or opiates.

- -- Stephen Heath, Clearwater, Fla.
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