Pubdate: Wed, 06 Jul 2005
Source: Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Copyright: 2005 MetroWest Daily News
Author: Steven W.  Orr
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I was very happy to read the article on Sunday, July 3 about Jim 
Pillsbury no longer pushing for title of "famous pothead." I, too, am 
in favor of decriminalization of most drug laws with an increase in 
seeing moneys spent on education. But the one thing that neither side 
ever seems to talk about is that marijuana has a very subtle and 
insidious side-effect: It causes a loss of ambition and an inability 
to achieve goals.

Not  everyone will experience the same effect, and most people who do 
experience it  will not be aware that it is happening. In fact, it 
can take years for people to  realize what it does, if they ever do 
realize it. In part, this is because the  active ingredient in 
marijuana is a fat soluble drug, which in this case means  that it 
takes a full two weeks for the body to flush it out. If you get high 
more than once every two weeks, then you're never truly sober. It's a 
fact  that since time immemorial, mankind has always sought ways to 
get high, and  there's nothing we can do to stop that except for 
education. If you're going to  get high, then at least make an 
informed decision, and please don't think that  marijuana is 
completely harmless.
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