Pubdate: Tue, 05 Jul 2005
Source: Herald News (NJ)
Copyright: 2005 North Jersey Media Group Inc.
Author: Arthur H. Dion
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On behalf of the 2,400 people living with HIV in Camden, Gloucester, 
Burlington and Salem counties, we'd like to thank you for your 
editorial on supporting the Harm Reduction and Syringe Exchange 
program in Camden and Atlantic cities ("N.J. needs a needle-exchange 
program," June 24).

Your support has been validated by numerous public-health 
organizations, city governments and law-enforcement agencies all over 
the United States. All the evidence clearly points to reduced 
infection rates and no increase in drug abuse. In fact, this type of 
program has functioned as a gateway into drug treatment for those who 
are addicted.

That an injunction was issued to prevent implementation of this 
program when New Jersey is one of the last two states in the country 
to have such a program, and at the same time ranks fifth overall and 
first among women with HIV, defies all logic. Such a distinction 
should make us all tell our legislators to support Syringe Exchange 
and abandon any argument that isn't supported by objective data.



AIDS Coalition of Southern New Jersey

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