Pubdate: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Copyright: 2005 The Sacramento Bee
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Author: Julie Bauer
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Re "Needle policy to be eased," Dec. 28: As part of our society's need for 
saner, more compassionate drug policies, I'm in favor of easier access to 
clean needles for IV drug users. However, IV drug users need more than 
clean needles; they need somewhere to dispose of the used ones.Dirty 
needles are hazardous waste and should be disposed of as such, not thrown 
out with the trash or tossed onto the ground. Too often as I walk through 
my local park, I have found a used hypodermic needle on the ground. In the 
interest of public health for all, clean needles should be exchanged for 
dirty needles. Either that, or we install locked boxes in parks and public 
places for the disposal of used needles.

- - Julie Bauer, Sacramento
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