Pubdate: Tue, 28 Jun 2005
Source: Province, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 The Province
Author: Ian Austin
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Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning wants residents and landlords to keep 
an eye out for meth labs after discovering one in posh Point Grey.

"It's something that we're very, very concerned about," Fanning said 
yesterday. "This is the first one we've seen in such an affluent neighbourhood.

"They can go up anywhere."

He asked landlords to keep an eye on who is renting their property.

"You have a responsibility to ensure that these people are not engaged in 
criminal behaviour," said Fanning.

He offered the following tips for spotting a meth lab:

- - Look for strange comings and goings at odd hours, including the middle of 
the night.

- - Windows are blacked out or blinds are drawn to conceal what's going on.

- - Labs give off a strange smell, sometimes like urine.

- - If you see something suspicious, call police right away.
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