Pubdate: Sun, 26 Jun 2005
Source: Monitor, The (McAllen, TX)
Copyright: 2005 The Monitor
Author: Josh Sutcliffe


To the editor:

Our federal government is lying to us about the potential medical
efficacy of cannabis. The Bush administration, via its mouthpieces in
the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Drug Enforcement
Administration, tells us that cannabis is as medically useless as heroin.

The ONDCP and DEA insist that cannabis use remain a criminal offense.
At the federal level, that means medical patients and their providers
are subject to mandatory minimum sentences in a federal prison that
can be a decade or longer.

Is this truly the message we wish to send our children and fellow
adult Americans? Use FDA approved drugs only, or we will place you in
a cage and give you a criminal record which you will carry for the
rest of your life?

Josh Sutcliffe

Brooklyn, N.Y.
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