Pubdate: Fri, 24 Jun 2005
Source: Mississauga News (CN ON)
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2005
Author: Rachelle Choueiri


Dear Editor:

Re: Letters, Far too liberal, May 25 edition.

Mr. Kelley's condemnation of Canadian newspapers for bashing George
Bush is only semi-justifiable. In essence, how can our country support
a man who has waged an illegal war and shamelessly mixes his own
ideals with the politics of a nation.

Also, his allegation that Canadians are too liberal for wanting to
legalize marijuana and for allowing same-sex marriage is absurd. For
one thing, it's not us who are too liberal, as he is far too
conservative. The legalization of pot has been proven to reduce crime

As for the same-sex issue, a referendum might be in order. However, I
don't see the United States of America being particularly democratic
in its law-making either. Besides, considering the age divide in the
polls, it's younger Canadians who condone same-sex marriage and it's
this generation that will make up the majority soon enough anyway.

Over-taxation is better than privatization. The best countries in the
world are the ones that are heavily taxed. To keep the standard of
institutions up, I don't mind paying an extra amount as long as basic
services are accessible and of good quality. Even though we are
heavily taxed, we are also exceedingly prosperous. It all levels out.

In any case, Kelley's assertions are hypocritical and ethnocentric at
best. I'm glad that he voiced his opinion despite its base
accusations. Politics and religion should not be mixed. We are not the
United States, which imprints 'In God We Trust' on all their bills and
crusades under the moniker of Christianity. We are a democracy not a
theocracy and we will remain so.

Rachelle Choueiri

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