Pubdate: Wed, 22 Jun 2005
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
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Author: Matthew Corsaut


Re "Thomas' disturbing views in dissent to pot ruling," commentary, June 
10: Pia Lopez's commentary on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Gonzales v. 
Raich makes clear she is not an attorney, and even more clear she is a 
liberal who tows the party line.

Though Californians and other states overwhelmingly have voted that dying 
people should be able to use medicinal marijuana, it is her view that 
politicians from Massachusetts, Vermont and other states should decide what 
is best for the people of California rather than the citizens who actually 
live here.

She rails against Justice Clarence Thomas for his vote to let the citizens 
of each state make their own decisions stating, "Thomas takes the radical 
view ... that only actual exchanges across state borders can be subject to 
national law." Duh, that is why it is called the Interstate Commerce Act 
and not the Intra-state Commerce Act.

- - Matthew Corsaut, Rancho Murieta
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