Pubdate: Sat, 15 Jan 2005
Source: Free Press, The (Houston, TX)
Copyright: 2005 The Free Press, Houston
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Author: Dean Becker


John Walters, the Drug Czar, tours the Americas, proclaiming cannabis
is more dangerous than crack and twice the danger of biker meth.
Walters says there are no legitimate medical organizations that
support medical cannabis yet there are in fact more than 100,
including the American Public Health Association, the American Academy
of Family Physicians and the American Nurses Association, (some 6
million strong.)  The Czar also claims that we are winning the war on 
drugs, yet most drugs are cheaper, purer and
more available to our children than ever before, especially Afghan
heroin. Walters' cracking down on cannabis users makes sure the cost
of this one drug continues to rise.  Cannabis can now cost more per
ounce than pure gold.  The czar proclaims it a great success that
young people are now using less cannabis.  He never mentions that our
children are inhaling more (cheap) solvents, injecting more Oxycontin
and doing more binge drinking nor does he reference the fact that the
war on cannabis represents approximately 50% of his enormous budget.

According to a December, 2004 survey conducted by the Police
Foundation, "most police chiefs (84%) believe either that a
fundamental overhaul or a few major changes are needed in the way we 
address the drug problem
in the United States."  75% or more of Americans agree, especially in
regards to cannabis.  A recent online poll for "Drug Free America",
(one of the 'spider holes' of modern "reefer madness"), tallied 81%
for change to our cannabis laws.  The drug warriors have no place to

"Drugs enslave people" has been the mantra over the decades of drug
war. Never mind that our policy has destroyed the lives of tens of
millions of individuals and their family structures.  Pay no attention
to the news that tobacco kills more than 400,000 US citizens each
year, that alcohol kills more than 100,00 annually and that doctors
and pharmacists screw up to the tune of 120,000 needless deaths each
year in writing and filling prescriptions "under the law."

In the history of mankind, there has never been a death, caused by the
use of cannabis alone and in that no affliction more severe than bronchitis
has ever been attributed to cannabis, the penalties and "collateral
damage" from it's prohibition are exponentially, egregiously, more harmful
than it's use. Dozens of studies, conducted by various governments, medical
associations and the scientific community have shown cannabis to be a
useful medicine, non-addictive and relatively harmless.

If we truthfully examine the facts we will arrive at the only logical
conclusion that, yes, we have been duped, which requires us to chip
away at the legacy of many who came before, and to impugn the logic of
those few who now stand, for the illogical, unscientific and immoral
continuation of this modern inquisition called "drug war".

This great fear of open discussion, this "tribal instinct", this
"taboo" against speaking about the reform of our drug laws in public
is the much desired result (and drug dealers dream fulfilled) of
decades of propaganda to include "Reefer Madness", endless reruns of
"Miami Vice", "Cops" and a thousand other cliched and hackneyed blather 
about machine gun
wielding druggies.  In this land of fear and loathing, it has become
not only necessary to step out of your own closet; you must also rip
down the door of the closet your elected officials are hiding in.

On my radio programs, I sometimes use the phrase: "like a cow, looking
at a combine".  Sadly, to me, that's the face of most Americans when
it comes to their response to the drug war.  To ignore the data and to
continue this charade of drug prohibition is un-American.  Let us
first bring focus and change to the laws against cannabis use.  Be not
afraid of the state rep, the police chief or the district attorney.
These officials are now hiding behind pseudo-superstition and feigned
ignorance.  Please let them know, that you know, that they know.

All that is necessary for change is that we open the dialogue.  There
is not one bit of justice, logic, scientific fact or moral clarity
involved in the mechanism of drug war.  To destroy the drug war monster, 
nothing more than the truth and the courage to speak.
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Dean Becker is creator of the Drug Truth Network, a radio syndicate
with 20 affiliate stations in the US and Canada.  Daily feeds are
available at In Houston listen to 90.1 FM.  Guests
include congressmen, judges, scientists, doctors, lawyers, wardens,
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