Pubdate: Mon, 06 Jun 2005
Source: Journal, The (UK)
Copyright: 2005 Trinity Mirror Plc.
Author: Pete Henshall


After reading your article titled "TRUTH ABOUT CANNABIS" on Friday 3rd June
I couldn't help but reply.

Very few people in the legalise cannabis campaign argue that cannabis is
"harmless", most are hard working professional people (I earn 30k doing a
management job during the day) who understand that locking someone up for a
victimless crime against is not right and that cannabis prohibition causes
more problems than cannabis ever could.  No one has ever died of a cannabis
overdose and cannabis is about as "addictive" as TV and working. Shame the
same can't be said about our two favourite legal drugs alcohol and tobacco.

Alcohol was made illegal in America in the 1930's the whole situation went
from "not great" to "terrible", criminal gangs got involved and dangerous
and adulterated drinks were concocted.  Eventually America saw sense and
repealed alcohol prohibition in favour of control and regulation.

Society must accept that people make choices.  Many people in the legalise
cannabis campaign do not drink alcohol because they believe it is more
dangerous than cannabis.  Many cannabis campaigners only smoke cannabis and
not tobacco.

We must legalise cannabis and provide a regulated and controlled supply to
help ensure that it is kept away from children (there is no age limit at the
moment) and that it is clean and as safe as can be. A lot of cannabis resin
is cut down with henna, boot polish and other things to make it weigh more.

Legalise cannabis and stop try to demon otherwise hard working, tax paying,
law abiding cannabis campaigners as "druggys and hippys".

Mr P Henshall

Legalise Cannabis Alliance

Technical Officer

Glebe Road, Norwich.
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