Pubdate: Wed, 16 Feb 2005
Source: Jupiter Courier (FL)
Copyright: 2005 The Courier Company
Author: Stephen Heath


To the editor:

Letter writer Louise Daniels endorses the "Operation Schoolhouse" campaign, 
saying that it's worth it if we consider the heartache caused by a teen 
being hooked on drugs.

We submit in response that any such potential heartache pales in comparison 
to the heartache in seeing a high school aged teen sentenced to 15 years in 
the Florida prison system.   Such a response is assured to totally destroy 
the lives of kids dumb enough to sell some pot or a couple ecstasy pills to 
an undercover officer.

Sure, those kids knew that illegal drug sales can get you in trouble.

But they probably didn't think that police would hire paid actors to 
infiltrate the school, buddy up with them - in many cases using opposite 
sex appeal as added enticement - and then sucker them into helping get a 
couple joints for $10.

Entrapment is a dirty, nasty way of using police. Those officers involved 
are worthy of utter disrespect from all citizens.

We've got enough problems of public safety in our communities that we don't 
need disguised police officers in our school actively soliciting our kids 
to help them commit felony crimes.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Heath

Public Relations Director

Drug Policy Forum of Florida Clearwater FL