Pubdate: Sun, 11 Jul 2004
Source: Anniston Star (AL)
Copyright: 2004 Consolidated Publishing
Author: Loretta Nall
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I read with interest the case of Sen. Richard Shelby's son, who was
found in possession of 13.8 grams of hashish after flying into Atlanta
from London in 1998.

Claude Shelby was released from federal custody after being fined $500
and turned over to the county. He never served any jail time.

Shelby's stance on drug use and possession is, "Drug abuse and
drug-related crimes are among the greatest ills that plague our
nation. We must take a strong stand against drugs, and I support
strict punishment for individuals involved in the possession or
distribution of illegal drugs. While I understand your concerns about
mandatory penalties for nonviolent offenders, I believe that our
nation's drug problem is serious enough to warrant harsh sentences."

I implore the citizens of Alabama to ask Shelby why he and his family
are immune to the laws by which they govern the rest of us. He should
tell us why we should vote for him this election if he does not even
hold the power of his own convictions when it comes to his kids and
their crimes.

Apply the laws equally or not at all.

Loretta Nall

President of Alabama Marijuana Party and U.S. Marijuana Party

Alexander City
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