Pubdate: Sat, 03 Jul 2004
Source: Eastern Daily Press (UK)
Copyright: 2004, Archant Regional
Cited: Rik Lehmann
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A "legalise cannabis" campaigner who claimed to belong to the Church
of the Sacred Herb was found growing 50 cannabis plants at his Norwich

Richard Lehmann said he grew the plants mainly for his own use to ease
his severe back pain but also admitted he shared some of the drugs
with fellow worshippers of the Sacred Herb church.

Lehmann, 52, of Shorncliffe Close, Norwich, admitted to production of
cannabis and was jailed for nine months.

Judge Peter Jacobs told him at Norwich Crown Court that he accepted he
took the drug to ease his back pain but said: "Producing cannabis at
all is clearly against the law and you know that. It is a serious
matter, especially since some of this was to supply to others."

Guy Ayers, prosecuting, said Lehmann told police that cannabis was
used as part of their sacrament and communion practices.

Ben Cooper, mitigating, said Lehmann took the drug for its therapeutic
qualities as it eased his back pain and relieved his stress. He now
accepted he would no longer grow the drug.
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