Pubdate: Fri, 02 Jul 2004
Source: Independent (Malta)
Copyright: 2004, Standard Publications Ltd


Opposition Spokesman for Internal Affairs Gavin Gulia accepted Social
Affairs Permanent Committee Chairman Clyde Puli's invitation to attend
a meeting regarding the drug law, but said a meeting is needed with
all entities connected to the sector for a public, transparent discussion.

In a letter to Mr Gulia, Clyde Puli said he is ready to suspend the
agenda of the meeting planned for 5 July to discuss the material to be
presented by Deputy Prime Minister Tonio Borg regarding the finalised
report on the drug law.

Mr Puli explained he did not call a committee meeting earlier to wait
for the publication of the report, so the discussion will involve all
the information available on the subject. He invited Mr Gulia to attend the
meeting to share his views on the matter.

In response to this letter, Mr Gulia said that although the
committee's efforts have been appreciated, he feels a meeting with all
NGOs, as well as law enforcement authorities that are directly
involved in the matter at hand, should be held.

The meeting needs to be more than a simple discussion and analysis of
the report to be presented by Dr Borg, said Mr Gulia. All entities
involved must voice their opinions and concerns which are then to be
discussed in a transparent and public manner, he continued.

Mr Gulia said that his suggestion would put everyone in a better
position to make feasible suggestions and recommendations for laws,
administrative policies and structures which will help all those
involved handle the matter in a more efficient way.
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