Pubdate: Fri, 25 Jun 2004
Source: Springfield News-Leader (MO)
Copyright: 2004 The Springfield News-Leader
Author: Marisa Jones


Meth is only addictive as, say, sports or television in that they all
provide temporary escape and are available. Look around your home,
your garage, your medicine cabinet to see the various escapes people
use to cope, simply because they can.

In the "Our View" editorial of June 22, the writer seems to have
missed his own point. Indeed meth cooks and users are your neighbors,
as well as your family members. You use the word "nightmare" to
describe the meth lifestyle then you go on to suggest that your
readers "help" by watching for characteristics of a meth house and
then contact police so that the nightmare can reach new heights for
the ailing family. Then you admit that narcotics officers are
frustrated with failures.

It would be more in keeping with biblical teachings to offer help to
your neighbor, even if that help is subtle or anonymous. There is a
need for meth mediators who might provide the missing link in the drug
war by approaching affected families in a non-threatening, helpful

This is not unlike the positive force seen at the freedom from meth
rally this month. The meth problem also extends outward to include law
enforcement, corruption and drug use as well.

Marisa Jones

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