Pubdate: Fri, 25 Jun 2004
Source: Flamborough Post (CN ON)
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Author: Dianne Cornish
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It's A Volunteer-Run, Crime-Fighting Organization With a Proud Record Of 

Crime Stoppers of Hamilton Inc. was instrumental in helping the Hamilton 
Police vice and drug unit in recovering over $10 million in illegal drugs 
last year. To celebrate that success, Crime Stoppers presented the Gordon 
V. Torrance Award to the unit during last week's Appreciation Night at the 
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

The presentation marked the third consecutive time that the unit has won 
the award, named after a former Hamilton Police Chief who helped bring 
Crime Stoppers to Hamilton 20 years ago. The award recognizes the work of 
officers who use Crime Stoppers to the fullest advantage.

Sgt. Mike Thomas, head of the drug unit, said the success of the marijuana, 
or "green team," in locating and closing down growhouses throughout 
Hamilton last year can be traced to its close working relationship with 
Crime Stoppers. "The information generated through that program has been 
extremely useful in helping us recover large quantities of illegal drugs," 
he said.

Crime Stoppers mans a TIPS hotline, which citizens can call anonymously 
with information to assist officers in preventing or solving crimes. Last 
year, Hamilton Crime Stoppers passed along information that led to 261 
criminal arrests, 508 cleared cases, property recovery valued at more than 
$1 million, and 16 seized firearms.

Just over 1,800 calls came into the hotline (1-800-222-TIPS or 
905-522-TIPS). Awards paid to tipsters amounted to $51,000.

Crime Stoppers coordinator Det. Glenn Bullock shared those statistics with 
guests attending the awards ceremonies. He was joined by Pat Gillie, chair 
of the organization's board, in congratulating community partners for 
working toward the program's success.

Other winners were: Al Dawson, the Reginald J. Whynott Appreciation Award; 
Hamilton Spectator columnist Susan Clairmont, Bill Sturrup Media 
Recognition Award, Special Mohawk College Award and the Ontario Association 
of Crime Stoppers' (OACS) first-place award for Newspaper Feature Coverage 
in 2003; Nic Olchowy, producer, CHtv Hamilton, second for Best Crime of the 
Week Appeal on TV; and Bill Sturrup, AM900 CHML, second for Best Crime of 
the Week Appeal on radio.
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