Pubdate: Fri, 18 Jun 2004
Source: Prince Rupert Daily News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Sterling Newspapers Ltd.
Author: Elisha Seabrook


Substance abuse in our society seems to be dramatically increasing,
especially in youth. Many of my peers are actively experimenting, some
on their own free will, while others are doing it because of peer
pressure. Many don't know how using these drugs will effect people
they know who care about them. I wonder why youth are making these
choices. What is the significance of doing drugs and drinking?

Every Friday at school all you hear about are the parties that are
happening over the weekend, what people are going to drink and when
Monday arrives all you hear about is how "so and so was totally
wasted.i" Which then makes me wonder if they are doing it for the attention?

For some people it appears to be "cool" to be barfing all over the
place, stumble around and then pass out. If only they could see how
they looked and how uncomfortable they've made the people around them
feel, perhaps they might think twice about drinking and doing drugs.

The sad thing is that a lot of teenagers believe that they can't have
fun without drugs or alcohol. They really only know the kind of "fun"
they experience when they are drunk or high. If there is a community
event that is drug and alcohol free they will decide to come already
intoxicated. This can ruin the event for other people who prefer to
have fun on their own terms, without substances. To me, it doesn't
sound like a whole heck of a lot of fun.

At school, many students have been caught drunk in classes, or for
drinking at school and the have been getting suspended for it. Being
suspended for getting caught smoking up on school grounds isn't
exactly something to brag about. Does every activity need drugs and
alcohol? School can be fun with the right people and attitude. Some
students in our school will find any excuse to get out of school to go
and smoke or drink. When some students held the walk out to support
the HEU, three quarters of the students who left used it to go to the
Skateboard Park to smoke.

Some youth need to realize that while not everything in life is going
to be fine and dandy, doing drugs or drinking doesn't solve anything,
in fact it usually makes things worse. You can have fun without it. My
friends and I have a blast without drugs or alcohol. All you need are
friends and a sense of humor and you've got a "party" right there.

Elisha Seabrook is a member of the Kaien Island Youth Council.
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