Pubdate: Mon, 14 Jun 2004
Source: Pretoria News, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2004 The Pretoria News
Author: Elize Jacobs


Police confiscated Mandrax tablets worth more than R1-million at an
upmarket Clubview house at the weekend.

Thanks to the 4am raid police also discovered ammunition and about R1
000 in cash. The 46-year-old suspect had been under surveillance on
suspicion of drug peddling.

The discovery of the drugs led to the arrest of the man and his wife
at their Laudium mansion.

They were arrested for dealing in drugs and for illegally being in
possession of ammunition. The man apparently had at least 485 rounds
of ammunition of different calibres.

'Now we are breaking into the top circles'

While police were investigating this matter it came to light that the
man was on R5 000 bail in connection with two murders, including that
of his brother in April last year.

The second murder apparently happened in February this year, when the
suspect allegedly killed a man in a Laudium street after an argument.

Police spokesperson Inspector Percy Morokane described the operation
as a major success.

He said the intelligence-driven raid was conducted after a tip-off
confirming the suspect's involvement in drug trafficking.

Morokane said preliminary investigations indicated that the suspect
was a "big fish" in drug trafficking circles in the country.

An estimated 33 000 Mandrax tablets, which sell for R40 each, were
found at his house.

"We believe we have dealt a major blow to the manufacturers," said
Morokane, adding: "In the past we were dealing with the lower and
middle-men, now we are breaking into the top circles."

He said they suspected that the man was not operating alone and were
investigating a bigger syndicate.

Morokane said much had been invested in police intelligence and added
that similar successes would be visible from now on.

Organised Crime Unit head Superintendent Joseph Baloyi said they were
hard at work to safeguard the future of youngsters.

Morokane reproached people who complained about the police conducting
raids on clubs and other such venues.

"One often reads of people who complain of police actions regarding
frequent raids at popular hot-spots in Hatfield."

"We are on the lookout for users and pushers who buy these drugs from
people such as the suspect we arrested - it is our work."

He said the suspect would soon appear in the Pretoria magistrate's
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