Pubdate: Mon, 07 Jun 2004
Source: Daily News, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2004 The Daily News.
Author: Bernie Marais


To the family of the late Insp Noel Landsberg, our deepest and heartfelt 
sympathy on your loss.

Thank God for men like Noel, who are prepared to put their lives on the 
line to rid society of the scourge of the drug cartels which are a serious 
threat, especially to our young people.

Blood money on Noel's head was R20 000 - a poor price to pay for a hero, so 
brave and honest.

Mr Minister of Justice, what about offering a reward to anyone who will 
give any information leading to the conviction and sentencing of this 
brutal, barbaric and callous murderer?

Let us fight fire with fire to break the stranglehold of the satanic enemy.

To the organised crime unit, we, the public, stand behind you in our 
prayers and appreciation for the work you are doing and we have faith that 
justice will prevail and that the work that Noel Landsberg gave his life 
for, will serve as an inspiration to your unit in continuing the fight 
against drugs.

Bernie Marais, Glenwood
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