Pubdate: Thu, 03 Jun 2004
Source: Westword (CO)
Copyright: 2004 New Times
Author: Stephen Heath


Thanks for your story on Sheriff Bill Masters and his outspoken
criticism of America's war on (some) drugs. His comment about how
other members of law enforcement often agree with his position on the
topic but then fail to join him publicly was most telling.

Readers should know that Masters also serves on the advisory board for
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. LEAP was formed two years ago for
the purpose of giving a voice to police, judges and other members of
the criminal-justice system who disagree with some or all of the
policies related to 21st-century prohibition. We now have over a
thousand members, with fifty-plus who can speak publicly across the
U.S., Canada and in several other countries. As a non-profit
organization, we rely on individuals in the community to help us
arrange speaking events at civic clubs, school groups (college or high
school), church groups, etc.


Clearwater, Florida 
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