Pubdate: Thu, 03 Jun 2004
Source: Westword (CO)
Copyright: 2004 New Times
Author: Tom Foster


Wow...Alan Prendergast's "The Maverick," in the May 20 issue, blew me
away, and I am e-mailing it to everyone in my address book. This is
the kind of stuff that Americans need to be hearing about on the
nightly news. A change in drug policy would cure the financial woes of
our fine country. It has indeed become a war on people, and the
madness must stop. Thanks to Westword for having the courage to
publish material like this. I know you have probably taken lots of
heat for it, but remember that there are many folks who are stealth
supporters. We are hanging out under the radar lest our own careers be
in jeopardy.


Hannibal, Missouri
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