Pubdate: Thu, 27 May 2004
Source: Gauntlet, The (CN AB Edu)
Copyright: 2004 Gauntlet Publications Society.
Author: William Bradley
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Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Love Affair with Miss Mary Jane," May 20th, 2004,

(The senate committee just came out with its findings remember.....they
recommend legalized use for anyone 16 yrs of age and older....)thats new...

While these findings may be isolated, it is interesting to note that
marijuana use doesn't differ greatly in a country where the laws are much
more lenient. Some studies even indicate a lesser number of people under 16
using the drug since its legalization in Amsterdam.

Actually user rates are shown to be well below norm in fact(in amsterdam
they are the lowest in the world) the USA has the highest use factor of any
drug in the entire world but the strictest punishments. Just recently a 19yr
old young man was sentenced to 60 yrs (no chance of parole) for selling
several hundred pounds while I admit he did deserve jail time or more likely
thousands of hours of community service. You know what rapists usually get 5
yr conditional sentences for their first offense. Murderers get 20
max......Sounds so fair doesnt it especially since he wasnt hurting anyone
nor did he even carry a weapon or did any police find them on his person or
place no......

Cannabis should have never been made illegal and to clear up some well known
concrete facts. The Oil lobbyists pressured the government ever since
synthetics were developed because they wanted a monopoly. They claimed that
hemp and by virtue that which was always callled "cannabis" was a
"devil-weed" that caused "negro" men to go wild and rape white women, the
same was said the for the hardest working people ever to grace our beautiful
country the chinese with their "opium". I guess the whisky sodden bum's were
jealous of their work ethic. Emily Murphy was one of the greatest disasters
of our countries beginnings and the sad part is alot of woman's rights
advocates consider her a heroine. Thats just sad because she was a self
admitted racist who helped get almost all drugs except alcohol banned under
the pretense it made the Chinese, Negroes, Hispanics get lazy and get
loud(two directly contradicting things...) and then to proceed to
uncontrollably attack people especially young "white" women.(yet none of
this was ever seen....)

That really sad part is no one ever mentions these things in articles about
the subject, its always "we dont have the science or we don't know long term
effects"(which we do we just insist on doing the studies ourselves but
countries that have been researching it for years . 6000 yrs of use isnt
enough eh? And , of course it aggravates schizophrenia it would aggravate
any disease like that as it is and always been an "intoxicant' you ever seen
a drunk schizo?( to use the vulgar term) its scary as rather
have one stoned. At least that will maybe not trigger a seizure like alcohol
or 99% of all intoxicant's would and id rather he can admit it without fear
of reprisal's if he ends up in the hospital without any social stigma
attached beyond his/her already heavy burden.

Please for the love of the truth wake up and accept other people's word's
and good hard science (not that funded by any pharmaceutical company or any
other that has a vested interestest in keeping it illegal or downplayed as
"too harmful" which it isnt as its safer than any drug except a "placebo"
which could still be considered more dangerous as its a crystalline
processed sugar....I'm looking at you RCMP and DEA with your lies....

William Bradley

[Ed. note: This letter was run unaltered except excepting the excerpts from
"Love affair with Miss Mary Jane," May 20, 2004]
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