Pubdate: Mon, 24 May 2004
Source: Pretoria News, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2004 The Pretoria News
Author: Hanti Otto


Seven people were arrested and a variety of drugs found during a raid on 
clubs in Pretoria on Saturday night.

Other than those alleged to be in possession of these drugs, one illegal 
immigrant was arrested, as was one person for hampering the police in the 
execution of their duties.

A number of under-age clubbers were released into the care of their parents.

The clubs where they were partying were also fined R1 500 per head.

This crime prevention effort by the Brooklyn police, the Metro Police and 
Metro Police's Dog Unit and National Intervention Unit was met with mixed 

Those who did not appear to have anything to hide co-operated. Others 
threatened legal action.

Police used pepper spray at a gay club, Lounge Maximus, when one man 
refused to co-operate. Cocaine and a straw used to sniff it were found on 
the coach where he had been sitting.

Ecstasy and Cat tablets were allegedly found on the dance floor.

The more than 60 law officials first hit Cool Runnings and Times 4 in 
Hatfield, while the Metro Police blocked off the streets.

One police member told the crowd over a microphone to "please co-operate" 
and that they would each be searched individually.

Inside one club a man was found with a packet of dagga rolls. He said it 
was his medicine, but could not explain why he needed so much of it.

Last on the list was Drop Zone where one young man refused to let go of his 
drink and swore at police as they tried to take it. When he decided to 
fight for his drink, pepper gas was sprayed. 
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