Pubdate: Thu, 20 May 2004
Source: Toronto Sun (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Sam Pazzano, Courts Bureau
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Blamed Ex-Receptionist

A TORONTO doctor was acquitted last night of charges he was
trafficking painkillers through illegal prescriptions. Dr. Ravi
Devgan, 56, was exonerated by a jury of trafficking and possession for
the purpose of trafficking oxycodone from Aug. 8 to Sept. 25, 2001.

"The facts speak for themselves," Devgan said last night outside
court. His lawyer, David Porter, had urged the jury to acquit his
client saying the real culprit was the doctor's receptionist Yasmin
Van Maurik, a convicted welfare fraudster and former drug addict.

Large Quantity

Porter alleged Van Maurik was writing the prescriptions and supplying
them to admitted drug dealer and paralegal, Sandy Hutchens, through a

Van Maurik said she left Devgan's office in Sept. 2001 to work for
Hutchens because she grew uncomfortable with the large quantity of
perscriptions and wanted to work under a paralegal.

Van Maurik categorically denied ever writing a perscriptions and she
has never been charged.

Prosecutor Moiz Rahman said the defence theory "didn't hold water"
because by leaving Devgan's office, Van Maurik would have given up
control over the source of the prescriptions when pharmacists called
to confirm them.

"The jury spoke and I respect their verdict, but we will prosecute Dr.
Devgan on the next charges," Rahman said.

Devgan was charged in March with seven similar trafficking offences.
The jury never heard he was convicted in 1996 of defrauding a former
patient and mortgage broker of almost $300,000. 
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