Pubdate: Mon, 3 May 2004
Source: New York Daily News (NY)
Copyright: 2004 Daily News, L.P.
Authors: George Rush and Joanna Molloy
Cited: Go Further
Cited: NORML


Woody Harrelson doesn't fire up a joint on camera, but he does wear a
big smile through much of the new documentary, "Go Further."

The movie is the chronicle of a 1,500-mile ride that the actor and
some of his chums made down the Pacific Coast in 2001 in a
hemp-oil-powered bus, meeting folks like Dave Matthews, Bob Weir,
Natalie Merchant and Anthony Kiedis along the way.

The "Merry Hempsters" were inspired by novelist Ken Kesey and his
Merry Pranksters, who made an LSD-powered bus trip cross-country. But
Harrelson and his heavy-lidded crew insist they made the trip to raise
environmental awareness.

"This is not a marijuana film," director Ron Mann told the Daily News'
Ken Bazinet at a Washington screening sponsored by the pot proponents
of NORML. "This a story about how one person, Woody Harrelson, decided
to try to make a difference."

Judging from the fragrance in the theater, someone forgot to explain
that to the audience. 
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