Pubdate: Wed, 28 Apr 2004
Source: Independent & Free Press, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 Metroland Printing, Publishing and Distributing
Author: Lisa Tallyn


Frankfurt, Toronto, London, Madrid, Prague And Acton?

Although it may not be as big or world renowned as those cities, Acton, 
like the other places mentioned and many more around the world, is to be 
the site of a Global Marijuana March on Saturday.

The event is to bring together marijuana-lovers in a "march for marijuana 
freedom and drug peace" according to one of the posters advertising the 
march that have been tacked up in Acton.

Although a local organizer has yet to be located by The Independent & Free 
Press or the Town of Halton Hills, Cannabis Culture Global Marijuana March 
co-ordinator David Malmo-Levine of Vancouver, said Acton is one of 160 
communities participating in the event.

The Acton march is being advertised on the Cannabis Culture (an event 
sponsor) and Cures not Wars Web sites. Another sponsor is

When asked why Acton was selected, Malmo-Levine said, "It chose itself."

"The organizer chose it," he said. "There are lots of little towns involved."

Malmo-Levine said he had misplaced the computer link information to the 
Acton organizer, couldn't provide a name or phone number, and added the 
organizer made a conscious decision not to include his/her contact 
information on Web sites and posters advertising the march, and he will 
respect that.

"People will probably get together, probably move from one place to another 
and they will speak about cannabis," Malmo-Levine said about the Acton 
march. He added it's a "very, very mellow" event.

In an e-mail to the Town of Halton Hills Malmo-Levine stressed," this is 
not a rock concert."

"It's a small gathering of peaceful protestors with no chance of violence 
or property damage and a minimum of hazards or of-fensive behaviour," he 
wrote in his e-mail to the town.

On Monday, Malmo-Levine said the march's purpose "is to call attention that 
there's a large desire for marijuana freedom and drug peace out there."

He said marijuana users and growers want the same rights and freedoms as 
coffee drinkers and coffee bean growers and distributors.

"We're in a drug war," he said. "It's a horrible war against human autonomy 
and medical self sufficiency."

He has no idea how many people will attend the Acton event but said 
approximately 2,000 people have attended the Vancouver event in the past.

"Maybe, maybe not," Malmo-Levine responded, when asked if march 
participants will be smoking pot. "If police outnumber the organizers and 
participants then discretion would probably be the better part of valour 

Halton Regional Police Service is aware of the march.

Detective Sgt. Don Cousens said police will have sufficient resources 
available that day.

"Any lawful, peaceful protest or demonstration, we will certainly observe," 
said Cousens. "Any criminal activity including the use or distribution of 
any controlled drugs or substances will result in arrest and prosecution."

Barb Anger, the Town of Halton Hill's facility permit co-ordinator, said 
organizers have not applied for a permit for the march, but anyone can meet 
in the park.
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