Pubdate: Thu, 15 Apr 2004
Source: Roanoke Times (VA)
Copyright: 2004 Roanoke Times
Author: Jen McCaffery
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The Roanoke Pain Specialist and His Office Manager Are Scheduled to Be 
Tried in November.

The second federal trial of a Roanoke pain specialist and his office 
manager was set Wednesday for November, according to the federal court 

Cecil Byron Knox, 54, and Beverly Gale Boone, 45, are set to be tried in 
Roanoke from Nov. 1 through 24, according to the court docket.

Knox faces charges that he prescribed medication such as OxyContin outside 
the scope of legitimate medical practice, and that in some cases those 
prescriptions led to death or serious bodily injury. He could face a life 
sentence if convicted of those counts.

Knox and Boone, who both live in Roanoke County, are also charged with 
racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and taking illegal kickbacks. Knox also 
faces a perjury charge.

In October, at their first trial, a jury acquitted Knox and Boone on many 
of the federal charges but could not reach a decision on the other counts. 
Those counts still remain unresolved, and federal prosecutors have since 
sought new charges in the case.

Chief U.S. District Judge Samuel Wilson has dismissed federal charges 
against two other defendants in the case: licensed professional counselor 
Willard Newbill "Bill" James Jr. of Roanoke and Kathleen O'Gee of Pulaski.

A fifth defendant in the case, former receptionist Tiffany Durham, pleaded 
guilty on the eve of the first trial to knowing that criminal activity was 
going on at the practice and not reporting it.
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