Pubdate: Thu, 1 Apr 2004
Source: Free Press, The (Houston, TX)
Copyright: 2004 The Free Press, Houston
Page: 32
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Author: Dean Becker


Be it understood that those who postulate bad science or otherwise fight 
for the continuation of prohibition are veritable minions of Satan.  Those 
benefiting from drug prohibition include most of the worst of the criminals 
in our midst.  Growers reap small recompense, smugglers a hundred times 
more and distributors a thousand.  At the top of the pyramid of crime that 
is prohibition, are the bankers that launder the money, the corporations 
that ship goods in lieu of cash transfer and the corrupt politicians, law 
enforcement officials and media that continuously feast on the 
contributions of these money launderers.

Those on the wrong side of this issue will soon find their future clouded 
with grave and certain repayment for their decades of lies and 
oppression.  Blacks, browns and lower income citizens have for too long 
been cast as demons, undeserving of American justice, simply for making a 
nebulous choice as to their intoxicant.

Some in reform call the current situation the "Battle of the Bulge"; the 
last ditch effort of the drug warriors to salvage their precious drug 
war.  Certain of the government's current efforts would support that 
contention, especially as the machinations of law enforcement continue to 
destroy millions of lives each year with the descent of our once democratic 
laws and law enforcement officials into a hell of graft, greed, corruption 
and lies.

The General Accounting Office, (GAO) the investigative arm of Congress, 
just last month, gave the White House Office of National Drug Control 
Policy unfettered permission to mislead the public in the name of opposing 
"drug legalization." According to information received in response to a 
request from US Congressman Barney Frank, the GAO declared, that truth or 
falsity is irrelevant. "ONDCP is specifically charged with the 
responsibility for 'taking such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt 
to legalize the use' of certain controlled substances such as marijuana."

This month, a Houston cop, in uniform, in his patrol car, while on duty was 
caught with 100 pounds of marijuana and a kilo of cocaine. For corruption 
of duty, the Texas Panhandle Regional Narcotics Task Force was disbanded as 
part of a settlement that also netted the Tulia defendants $5 million 
dollars. In New York City a band of renegade police officers were indicted 
for stealing millions of dollars in cash and drugs from suspects and then 
reselling the drugs on the black market.  The list of such corrupt police 
officers is growing every day; these are just some choice examples from 
this month.

Elliot Ness and all the "Untouchables" could not stop the distribution of 
alcohol under the Volsted Act.  By what right, after 89 years of drug 
prohibition, (when drugs are cheaper, purer and more available than ever 
before; permeating even our prisons,) do we suppose we will stop the flow 
of drugs? The answer of course is that we will never stop the distribution 
of drugs to our children under our current policy.  We have created the 
world's largest multi-level-marketing organization.  Anybody, of any age 
can join in the distribution network, the black market; it is very much an 
equal opportunity employer.

The full wrath of our democracy, having been separated from justice for 
decades on end, by the lies and perversion of the drug warriors, will soon 
be implemented as swiftly and as mercilessly as the supposed justice meted 
out to those who desired to use drugs not manufactured by corporate friends 
of prohibition.

The end if drug prohibition is near!

Project Housterdam

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