Pubdate: Thu, 01 Apr 2004
Source: Sacramento Bee (CA)
Section: Community News Elk Grove/Laguna
Copyright: 2004 The Sacramento Bee
Author: Steve Barnett


Once again, the city has demonstrated its ability to be open and 
communicate with the citizens of Elk Grove. On March 25, the Elk Grove 
Planning Commission considered changes to city statutes related to the 
location of medical marijuana shops in Elk Grove. Rather than having an 
open, mature discussion with the residents of Elk Grove about the subject, 
city staff members chose to hide the issue under the subject of "Permitted 
Uses Within the Buildable Areas of Commercial Lots."

While I am in favor of medical marijuana being made available to 
appropriate patients under a doctor's care, this demonstrates once again 
that the city cannot, or does not, choose to engage the people in a subject 
that they know would be controversial.

Thank you to the city for continuing the politics of secrecy.

- - Steve Barnett Elk Grove
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