Pubdate: Wed, 17 Mar 2004
Source: Atkins Chronicle, The (AR)
Copyright: 2004 The Atkins Chronicle, Inc.
Author: Van A. Tyson
Cited: Atkins School Board
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The Atkins School Board Tuesday of last week voted to suspend the
district's drug policy. The action was taken after an executive
session for the purpose of discussing the rehiring of the district's
principals. The suspending of the drug policy was because the board
now thinks that drug testing should be based on a random sampling of
the entire student body. The present policy was based on a sampling of
those students who participate in activities.

The building principals were rehired for the 2004-05 school term:
Rebecca Sheets, elementary; Allen Wilbanks, middle school; and Robert
Travis, high school. Also hired after the executive session was Janet
Pitts as middle school library aide.

Gifted and Talented coordinator Betsy Hays was at the meeting to
receive an award from the Pope County Community Foundation. The grant
will fund a program Hays developed called "We'll Cross that Bridge
when We Come to it and Build it." The students will actually build
bridges, studying the math and other skills needed to design and
execute the building project.

Superintendent Al Davidson also informed the board that Jackie Rook
has received a scholarship to help her work on her master's degree.

Middle School Principal Allen Wilbanks called Hays "the best GT
teacher in the state," mentioning a curriculum award the middle school
has received.

All members of the board were present, including Gary Simmons,
president, Bobby Fletcher, Paul Wayne Duvall, Philip Haney and Carl
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