Pubdate: Sun, 21 Mar 2004
Source: Ogdensburg Journal/Advance News (NY)
Copyright: 2004 Johnson Newspaper Corp.
Author: Joanne Monnet


To The Editor:

Further to Larry Seguin's "Tour Prisons" letter to the editor in the
March 14 edition of the Advanced News, I agree with the context of his
letter. We need our legislators to examine all avenues when it comes
to the spending of taxpayer's dollars. If New York State's prison
population is dropping and if the State is willing to cut correction
officers than why not use these prisons to house jail inmates and save
the taxpayer's millions instead of spending millions and in turn
keeping the officers employed here in Ogdensburg.  The prisons in
Ogdensburg are brand new and I see no reason why we can't use these
prisons as our next jail.

As a taxpayer I can no longer afford, nor do I want to keep paying
more and more tax dollars to support an ever increasing government
work force and government owned facilities. The cost of living has
increased so significantly that unless the taxpayers and elected
officials say NO to spending, we will simply be working to pay taxes.
Here are just a few taxes most of us pay; land, school, gas,
cigarette, alcohol, tax on clothes and the list goes on and on. If
Governor Pataki had his way we'd be paying even more taxes to New York

The only way we are going to stop the constant increase in taxes is if
we send the message to our elected official that we want no new taxes.

Joanne Monnet
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