Pubdate: Thu, 26 Feb 2004
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel (CA)
Section: Style
Column: Baine Street
Copyright: 2004 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Author: Wallace Baine
Note: Non drug policy content excised
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Thank you, WAMM

The 2002 federal raid on the headquarters of the Wo/Men's Alliance for 
Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz has faded into the background, but it won't 
stay there for long, if HOWARD DOVER has any say in the matter.

Dover, a native Canadian who is now a Los Angeles standup comic, will 
perform in Santa Cruz for the second time in a benefit show for WAMM. Dover 
has invited a number of other comics to appear with him, including ROB 
to raise awareness and funds for WAMM's ongoing legal defense.

Curiously, Dover had no connections to WAMM, or Santa Cruz, other than 
overt admiration for the group's mission. "I read a story about it in the 
paper and I've been following it closely ever since."

Dover - who calls himself a "medical-marijuana comic activist" and calls 
WAMM's VALERIE CORRAL "as close to a living angel as I know" - put together 
the first event last March.

He's been organizing medical-marijuana benefit events in L.A., events that 
have attracted big-name celebrities like BILL MAHER and DOUG STANHOPE.

But his own material, he says, only touches on medical marijuana. He also 
delves into other more prosaic comic subjects, which serves him well when 
he performs in front of crowds a bit less sympathetic to the 
medical-marijuana issue than Santa Cruz, such as military bases and 
security industry conventions.

Howard Dover's show, called "High Hopes," takes place on Sunday, Oscar 
night, and he is hoping that people will get tired of the Oscars' length 
and make it out to the show at 8 p.m at Moe's Alley in Santa Cruz. Tickets 
are $10.
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