Pubdate: Mon, 23 Feb 2004
Source: Press Journal (FL)
Copyright: 2004, The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Jose Melendez
Note: Titled by MAP


Had they insisted cannabis has no medical properties under oath, the Office 
of National Drug Control's deputy director for demand reduction, Andrea 
Barthwell, and Sgt. Brad Fojtik of the Indian River County Sheriff's Office 
School Resource Team could be charged with perjury.

At a minimum, such fraudulent testimony is correctly dismissed as 
ignorance. It is a fact that the THC and CBD in cannabis ameliorate 
symptoms of nausea, pain and stress far safer than almost every legal 
medication or intoxicant on the market, even if smoked.

In fact, two studies prove carcinogenic tumors were reduced when exposed to 
cannabinoids. The mantra that medical marijuana is a cruel hoax on the sick 
and dying is absurd, perhaps criminal, when one notes that millions die 
from smoked cigarettes.

That Ms. Barthwell and her paid cronies wage war on American citizens while 
turning a blind eye to pending FDA regulation of cancer sticks as medical 
devices ought to be the subject of antitrust investigations.

Note also that treason is defined by the Constitution as waging war on us, 
or providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Marijuana is not legally 
prohibited, and compared to incarceration, asset forfeiture and legal 
poisons, is relatively harmless. If you really believe all drug use is 
abuse, have another drink, and think it over.

Jose Melendez,

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MAP posted-by: Jay Bergstrom