Pubdate: Thu, 19 Feb 2004
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2004 Boulder Weekly
Author: Deb Hamm


(Re: "Decriminalize it," Liberty Beat, Feb. 5.) Many kudos must go to Ari 
Armstrong for his article on the decriminalization of drugs, marijuana 
specifically. He shows intelligence and depth in his articles.

My sister died a little over a year ago, and she thanked me often in the 
two weeks before she died for providing her a day of relaxation, a meal she 
could keep down and laughter. She had never done drugs or alcohol in her 52 

Complete legalization of drugs should be sought, especially marijuana (to 
be treated no less liberally than alcohol). Yes, some will abuse, and some 
will die. One can easily predict that a surge in use will occur, then 
decline, to a plateau relative to other "controlled" substances that are 
just as "dangerous," or more so.

It's not up to the nanny state to dictate what we shall see, hear, taste, 
feel, touch or ingest, whether it is drugs, alcohol, coffee, sugar, fat, 
meat, carrots, pornography, adrenaline and so on. It's up to us, period!

Deb Hamm/via Internet
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