Pubdate: Mon, 16 Feb 2004
Source: Summit County Independent (CO)
Copyright: 2004 Summit County Independent Daily Newspaper.
Author: Stan White


Most of us know or heard that God created all the seed-bearing plants
and said they were all good. But most of us don't know where it says
that. God told us that on literally the very first page of the Bible.
That is no accident in Genesis 1:11-12 & 29-30.

We all know there are a lot of unbelievable problems in the world
today that seem to be getting worse. To fix those problems you would
want to find the root of the problem.

When cars break down, We don't always just replace the part; we try to
find the root of the problem. I do that, but I do it Biblically. I ask
for the Biblical root of problems.

We can trace the Biblical root of the problems earth is facing by
going not just back to page 3xx in the Bible, or 197, etc. We can go
back to the very first page of the Bible. That is where the Biblical
root of the problems we face start. The very first page.

When God tells us he created all the plants and they're all good,
there is no way around that. It is simply too clear and needs no
interpretation; they are all good. Period.

The reason this is important is because Christ God Our Father gave us
a communication system called specifically the "Spirit of Truth,"
which we have access to (as described in John 14-16) if we obey Him.
Christ even summed up what it means to obey Him in simplest terms,
there also; to love your brother is to obey the Commandments. You
cannot love your brother and cage him for using what we've been given
and said was good, on the first page of the Bible.

Supporting cannabis extermination and prohibition separates humans
from knowing Christ God Our Father through that Spirit of Truth,
because there is a separation from loving your brother, when you deny
Our Father and Our Brother.

Once this form of litmus test is exposed, it's easier to apply these
same principals for killing. You cannot love your brother and kill him
at the same time. If you support murdering and killing your brother,
you will not be able to receive the Spirit of Truth. People that go to
church regularly, that support George W. Bush - the record-holding
killer - eliminate what they go to church for to begin with - to find
the Truth.

A reason this is an important story is because for too long failed
clergy have implied that using cannabis is Biblically bad. It has had
the effect of scattering people, who thirst for Truth, away from
Christ God Our Father and The Spirit of Truth, by way of denying
eternal Truth.

If you have been persecuted for using cannabis by failed clergy or the
government, you can get the Truth of who is righteous, by praying for
it and that Truth is available for those who use cannabis, perhaps
even more.

Wanting to use cannabis (kaneh bosm) is a natural intrinsic response
within the brain that is a blessing from Christ God Our Father. Humans
are created with something similar to cannabinoid receptor sites in
our brain, waiting for THC to bind to, that do nothing else. Who do
you think put those there?

To fix the root of the problem requires that we identify and educate
failed clergy who proclaim to be Christian on the one hand, and
support caging their brother for using a plant on the other hand.

Thank Christ God Our Father for cannabis. The only Biblical
restriction placed on cannabis is that we accept it with thanksgiving.
If You don't believe it, just ask Christ God Our Father, The
Ecologician Yourself.

Stan White
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