Pubdate: Fri, 06 Feb 2004
Source: Castlegar Citizen (CN BC)
Copyright: 2004 Castlegar Citizen.
Author: Kevin Allan Bsee


Dear Editor:

Frustrated police breaking the law, taking the law into their own hands. 
That's ok?

Kidnapping, beating, that's ok ?

Being judge and jury, that's ok?

And what if they kidnap and beat the wrong people (not the scum that they 
portray these people as which in my mind is a hate crime itself )?

What if they hit these people's head and "accidentally" kill them?

That's ok ? What if a doctor is frustrated and doesn't do his or her job 
and patients die?

How about a fireman or a paramedic who is frustrated and doesn't do his or 
her job?

How about a 911 operator? An engineer? An airline pilot or even a school 
bus driver?

Clearly, the problem was these six so-called police even though it's also 
clearly a symptom of police attitude.

Let's hope the Vancouver Police Department does something about it as it's 
also clear that some police don't accept this since an honest, courageous 
police officer who clearly has integrity (something else I believe is 
necessary to be a police officer) exposed this disturbing crime.

There is no defence for police breaking the law.

In a better society, police would be a beacon of light to the ones with the 
most needs in our society and it's clear to me, the ones living on the 
streets have the most urgent needs.

Kevin Allan Bsee, North Vancouver, BC
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