Pubdate: Mon, 20 Dec 2004
Source: Edmonton Journal (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 The Edmonton Journal
Author: Carla Clark


Shortly after we were married, my husband and I found a charming old house 
in the inner city. Although in love with the house, we chose not to buy 
because of the situation with prostitutes.

Today, we are full-time advocates of helping these girls off the streets. 
We appeared on the Oprah show documenting our work. After reading all the 
letters on the subject that ran in The Journal on Dec. 16, I think we'll 
need to find something else to do.

We are going to stop talking to these girls about their options, and teach 
them how to pass time in jail. Thank goodness our weekends will be free; no 
more caring for the children of addicts or handing out pamphlets on how to 
break from the profession. Do I think jail time might be good? Absolutely. 
Am I glad the police are stepping up? You bet; they work tirelessly with us.

Beating up on Kate Quinn and the programs caring people work on is childish 
and shameful.

Merry Christmas.

Carla Clark,

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