Pubdate: Mon, 13 Dec 2004
Source: Valley Morning Star (TX)
Copyright: 2004 Valley Morning Star
Author: Gary Storck



While the Bible may be "against cannabis prohibition" as letter writer
Stan White suggests, "Bible Opposes Marijuana Laws" (Dec. 6), a
growing wealth of clinical research along with anecdotal evidence
derived from legal access under state medical marijuana laws reveals
that claims of marijuana's medicinal benefits are well-founded.

That is why it was no surprise that a recent poll found 75 percent of
Texans support passage of a state law. Nationwide, polling has shown
most Americans support giving fellow Americans suffering from accident
or illness legal access under a doctor's care.

Medical marijuana is the one issue that unites us. Montana residents
both voted for George Bush by a 58-38 percent margin and medical
marijuana by 62-38 percent.

This issue is about compassion and if Texas lawmakers want to claim
they truly represent their constituents, they would pursue passage of
such legislation with the urgency that serious illness demands. Each
day medical marijuana is delayed means more unnecessary suffering and
premature death.

Gary Storck

Director of Communications Is My Medicine Legal YET?
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