Pubdate: Thu, 16 Dec 2004
Source: San Francisco Bay View, The (CA)
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Author: Junious Ricardo Stanton
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"Even after the CIA's inspector general issued his findings in 1998,
the major newspapers could not muster the talent or the courage to
explain those extraordinary government admissions to the American
people. Nor did the big newspapers apologize for their unfair
treatment of Gary Webb. Foreshadowing the media incompetence that
would fail to challenge George W. Bush's case for war with Iraq five
years later, the major news organizations effectively hid the CIA's
confession from the American people.

"The New York Times and the Washington Post never got much past the
CIA's 'executive summary,' which tried to put the best spin on
Inspector General Frederick Hitz's findings. The Los Angeles Times
never even wrote a story after the final volume of the CIA's report
was published, though Webb's initial story had focused on
contra-connected cocaine shipments to South-Central Los Angeles." -
Robert Parry, Consortium News

News of former journalist Gary Webb's death began to circulate on the
Internet Sunday. Most reports stated the cause of death was "suicide"
from a gunshot wound to the head. Pardon my skepticism, but this
sounds fishy to me, especially with the note taped to his front door
etc., but that's another issue.

Gary Webb broke the story of CIA's involvement in smuggling drugs into
the country, using the money from the drugs as part of a scheme to pay
for the illegal support of Reagan's ideological war in Nicaragua.
There is no doubt the CIA was/is involved in drug smuggling and had a
direct impact on the devastation the introduction of the new form of
cocaine, crack, would have on the inner cities of AmeriKKKa.

Webb's series, which later was made into a book called "Dark
Alliance," was the catalyst that woke Black folks up and gave us a
tangible explanation of how this plague was unleashed on our
communities. Once the series broke, word spread and Black elected
officials and community activists demanded an investigation.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, whose district is in Los Angles where
Webb documented the impact of the crack cocaine epidemic, demanded an
investigation by the Inspector General's Office. The government
complied, doing their usual whitewash and suppression of the facts.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media did a hatchet job on Webb. Under a
relentless assault led by the New York Times, the Washington Post and
the L.A. Times, Webb's editor at the San Jose Mercury News, which was
owned by the Knight Rider national newspaper chain, demoted him. With
a national campaign of disinformation and vilification leveled at him,
Webb succumbed to their onslaught of criticism, obfuscation and innuendo.

Quiet as it's kept, Webb just dusted the surface. If he had been able
to dig deeper, he would have found the trail of imported drugs leading
to several key importation spots; one was the notorious Mena Airfield
in Arkansas during the time one William Jefferson Clinton was
governor. Webb never mentioned Clinton or Lt. Col. Oliver North,
George H.W. Bush's man on the National Security Council, who was
deeply and integrally involved with the Contra drugs and weapons apparatus.

In a subsequent article carried by the Executive Intelligence Review
News Service, Edward Spannaus stated, "The Seal records confirm what
is already well-known: that Mena was being used to fly weapons into
Central America, and that drugs were brought back on the return
flights. All of the numerous efforts to investigate the Mena operation
during the Reagan and Bush administrations were blocked on 'national
security' grounds.

"These dirty operations were run out of Bush's office under the
nominal authority of National Security Decision Directives Nos. 2 and
3, issued early in the Reagan administration. Out of these came the
Special Situation Group (SSG), headed by the Vice President; and then
came the Crisis Pre-Planning Group, an inter-agency coordinating body
whose staff coordinator was Oliver North.

"Under NSDD-2 and NSDD-3, George Bush was in charge of the entire
'secret government' apparatus - which not only ran covert operations
overseas, but also against U.S. citizens at home. This was the true
story of 'Iran-Contra,' which was never investigated either by
Congress or by Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. Now, with new
evidence about Mena circulating, and in the aftermath of North's
failed Senate campaign, there is a climate building which could
finally result in the first full investigation of the crimes of George
Bush and his flunky, Oliver North."

Since the last thing the cockroaches want is the light turned on them,
they demonized and vilified Webb in their controlled press, which had
the effect of neutralizing all his fine research and work. Now that
Webb is dead - and we don't know the full circumstance of how he died
- - the corporate mind control apparatus is still demonizing him.

The corporate mind control apparatus is sending a clear message: this
is what happens to people who don't tow the line, nonconformists who
tell the truth rather than lie on cue in service of the New World
Order. By vilifying Webb, they are saying, "We will dog you and ruin
your reputation while you are alive, and we will dog you when you die!"

We should expect nothing less from the psychopathic elites who run
this country. The Bush family are key players in the ongoing
criminalization of the U.S. The federal government's sanction of
slavery was the original sin; the bogus War on Terrorism is its
current embodiment. Bush and Co. are rigging the game so their active
roles won't be publicized.
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