Pubdate: Mon, 13 Dec 2004
Source: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (WI)
Copyright: 2004 Eau Claire Press
Author: Gary Storck


In a matter of weeks, when the Legislature reconvenes, State Rep. Gregg
Underheim, R-Oshkosh, will introduce an updated version of his medical
marijuana bill.

No matter how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the Raich v. Ashcroft medical
marijuana case the justices heard Nov. 29, it will not invalidate a
Wisconsin medical marijuana law if Underheim's effort is successful.

In February 2002, a poll done on behalf of Is My Medicine Legal YET? by
Chamberlain Research Consultants, found 80.3 percent of Wisconsinites
support legalizing medical cannabis under the care of a physician. The level
of support among those identifying themselves as voting Republican, Democrat
or Independent was virtually identical.

The poll results and the fact a Republican has chosen to sponsor
demonstrates this is not a partisan issue but actually one of a shrinking
few most people agree on. If state legislators really represented their
constituents, 80.3 percent, or 106 of 133 lawmakers, would support giving
sick and dying Wisconsinites legal access to this medicine.

Sadly, despite this depth of support, the GOP Assembly leadership has
ensured every medical cannabis bill introduced since 1997 has died in
committee without even getting a hearing.

Wisconsinites deserve better. Rather than continuing to pursue the cowardly
policy of killing a popular bill by bottling it up in committee, let us hope
the democratic process is not again stifled. Let your lawmakers know enough
is enough and you expect not only a committee hearing but also a debate and
a vote up or down in the full Legislature.

Ensuring that a sick loved one or family member has adequate pain relief is
real family values.

Gary Storck

Director of Communications

Is My Medicine Legal YET?

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