Pubdate: Fri, 03 Dec 2004
Source: Stillwater News Press (OK)
Copyright: 2004 Stillwater News Press
Author: Ron du Bois
Bookmark: (Cannabis - Medicinal)
Cited: Drug Policy Forum Oklahoma


Drug Policy Forum of Stillwater is actively pursuing legislation to
allow for the use of marijuana for debilitating illnesses such as
chronic pain, muscle spasticity, nausea, wasting syndrome, epilepsy
and multiple sclerosis. In 11 states, doctors and patients decide if
marijuana is the best medicine. Unfortunately in Oklahoma, citizens
who need marijuana are treated like common criminals. They are locked
up in our very overcrowded prisons and then we have to pay for their
medical care.

Our law provides no defense based on a medical necessity, even when a
person cannot afford drug store medicines.

The use of marijuana as medicine has found support in the American
Nursing Association. The Oklahoma chapter published its support in an
article written in the Oklahoma Nursing Times, July 28, 2003, that

The ANA adopted a six-point resolution supporting research and
prescription of marijuana for medical purposes.

Drug Policy of Oklahoma wants Oklahomans to tell their stories or even
testify to legislators about those who are either sick or in pain and
who want or need medical marijuana. If you would like to help, contact
Norma Sapp in Norman at (405) 321-4619. All calls will be kept private
unless we have your permission.
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