Pubdate: Wed, 08 Dec 2004
Source: News-Sentinel, The (Fort  Wayne, IN)
Copyright: 2004 The News-Sentinel
Author: Gary Storck
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Regarding your Nov. 30 editorial, "Who has the power?" : While you wrote 
U.S. Rep. Mark Souder may call himself a "unionist," meaning he sides with 
Washington when the issue is of national interest, and a "status-quo 
conservative," which means he would resist efforts to add to the federal 
government's power as well as attempts to lessen the power it already has, 
I call him a hypocrite who flip-flops his position to suit the issue at 
hand. Souder himself acknowledges that by agreeing that his views are 
inconsistent, as quoted in the editorial.

Indiana residents should be embarrassed by Souder's ideological double 
standards and his support for arresting sick and dying Americans for using 
medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has received more votes nationwide 
than Souder ever will.

He ought to concern himself with the needs and wishes of his constituents 
and his district rather than trying to usurp the votes of the residents of 
the nine states, none of them Indiana, that chose to make a compassionate 
exemption for their ailing residents.

Gary Storck, Director of Communications Is My Medicine Legal YET?, Madison, Wis.
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