Pubdate: Sun, 28 Nov 2004
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2004, The Tribune Co.
Author: Stephen Heath
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Regarding "Drug Testing Students A Costly, Unjustified Expense" (Our
Opinion, Nov 21):

To parents who might endorse the schools drug-testing teenagers: Why
not administer the test yourself instead of asking the school to do
your dirty work?

Are you willing to take the test yourself? After all, coerced drug
testing proves personal testimony is insufficient evidence of honesty.
One must instead prove their integrity by offering up a urine sample.

A more productive and mature approach would be honest and
nonjudgmental discussion about the use of drugs with our teens. The
only logical reason a teen will not be honest with adults is if they
do not trust the people they are talking to. If your relationship with
your teen(s) lacks the trust for such honest communication, then it is
clear that work needs to be done. And that work does not begin with
the filling of a urine cup by either party.

Parents who disagree with coerced drug testing of their teens need to
speak up and tell the schools to "Just Say No."

Thank you for taking the lead on this with your editorial.

Stephen Heath, Clearwater

The writer is public relations director of Drug Policy Forum of
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