Pubdate: Thu, 18 Nov 2004
Source: View Magazine (Hamilton, CN ON)
Copyright: 2004 View Magazine
Author: Marie Therrien & Logic 4u
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Dear Editor,

We love your newspaper. We enjoy the articles from the first page to the 
last page. We are brothers and sisters who work towards the 
decriminalization laws in Canada.

It's high time we have the right to use the natural medical herb without 
the worry of getting busted. After all, it is just an herb, like Ginko 
Biloba, St. John's Wort, and others that have natural healing properties, 
and have been used for centuries across the world.

It hardly seems fair that we have the right to say yes/no to life support, 
yes/no to morphine, demerol, percodan, percacet and other pharmaceutical 
drugs, and yet marijuana users are criminals. This is not right. My sister 
and I have a long list of medical problems, as do many of our friends, and 
a little weed just helps take the edge off a hard day coping with the pain.

We had a friend who couldn't keep her hands off her pain pills, she was so 
uncomfortable. Yet by smoking a joint, she could bear the pain which her 
terminal illness caused her.

In today's medicine and technology, it's hard to believe that scientists 
cannot match the natural herb, which is not as harmful as man-made substances.

We have a chronic pain illness which requires us to take medications that 
we just cannot handle because of the side effects. Herb is the natural answer.

We as Canadian brothers and sisters need to stand united for the right to 
choose this as a medical treatment or to use this as a relaxer. This is the 
best form of relief from depression to pain suppressant and we should all 
fight for the use of the herb.

The dictionary's definition of the word "herb" describes it as an aromatic 
plant that is used for flavouring in cookery, and in medicine.

What kind of freedom did our fathers and grandfathers go to war for? Why 
did so many die? What kind of rights do we have? Every Canadian should have 
the choice whether they want to use it or not. What is the song all about 
when we sing: God Keep Canada Free?

Marie Therrien & Logic 4u
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