Pubdate: Sun, 14 Nov 2004
Source: Post, The (Zambia)
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Lusaka - THE security of the country is threatened by money made by drug 
traffickers, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) commissioner Mukutulu 
Sinyani has said.

Officiating at the Annual Speech Day and Prize Award Ceremony at Lake Road 
School in Lusaka's Woodlands area yesterday, commissioner Sinyani said drug 
trafficking had distorted the performance of the economy causing 
instability, which had lead to inflation, high taxes and unfair competition.

"Very few people have benefited from such vices at the expense of the vast 
majority. Our country is at risk from these drug traffickers," he said.

"Because of the bulk of money which this illicit trade generates, countries 
have resorted to buying weapons of mass destruction and this has led to 
endless wars and acts of terrorism in some countries."

Commissioner Sinyani said if nothing was done to correct the situation, 
Zambia would also become a safe haven for drug barons and terrorists.

He said drug barons had the capacity to influence government decision by 
compromising some political figures, which would be unfortunate.

"In some parts of the world, this has even led to assassinations and 
overthrowing of legitimate governments, all financed by dirty money," he said.

Commissioner Sinyani said the fight against the drug scourge was not for 
the DEC alone but concerned everybody.

He urged the pupils to resist the temptation of using drugs because it had 
disastrous results.

"Be smart and say no to drugs, only then will you achieve your dreams and 
aspirations," he said.

He particularly urged the girls to work hard at school so that they could 
in the future, be able to afford the luxuries they wanted, instead of being 
enticed by men with material things.

Commissioner Sinyani, a former teacher, cautioned teachers that children in 
school were impressionable and that their behaviour could influence the way 
the pupils turned out.

"Stay away from drugs as teachers and talk to the pupils about drugs and 
the effects these drugs pose on their health," he said.

Commissioner Sinyani also revealed that five days ago, the last one of the 
30 people taken in by the DEC in 1990 to be rehabilitated after being 
hooked on heroin passed away.

During the award ceremony, prizes were awarded for good performance in 
class subjects, arts and sport for all grades.

Distinguished performance awards for grade twelve pupils were scooped by 
Katuta Kaunda as best overall and Kennedy Banda as second overall.

For grade elevens, Bhavya Rangaramanujan scooped best overall while Mumamba 
Mwansa was second overall.
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