Pubdate: Thu, 18 Nov 2004
Source: Analyst, The (Liberia)
Copyright: 2004 Analyst Liberia
Author: George Borteh


Kakata Police Say They're On Full Alert

The Liberian National Police (LNP) in collaboration with the
International Police Service (IPS) yesterday burned several bags of
narcotic drugs valued at US$1,224,000 in Kakata, Margibi County.

According to information, some plain-clothes officers of the security
apparatus of Kakata assigned with the Ghanaian Contingent in the
County recently arrested several bags of narcotic drugs or Marijuana.

Reports gathered by this paper revealed that buck of the burned drugs
were taken from Bong and Nimba Counties where massive growing of
marijuana is said to be on the increase.

Reports also have it that large farms of drugs were recently
discovered by the government security network who the reports say are
waiting for order from Monrovia to take appropriate measures.

At the same time, the Stipendiary Magistrate of the Magisterial Court
in Kakata, Mr. Jacob S. Foko told reporters minutes after the burning
of the drugs that those arrested in connection with the marijuana have
since been released on bills.

According to him, the authority in Kakata apprehended 15 persons. They
later turned them over to the court for prosecution, he said.

The Magistrate intimated that the court does not have the power to
adjudicate the case in its entirety, adding that it can only carry on
what he called "preliminary hearings." For his part, Assistant Police
Director for Criminal Investigation Division of the LNP, Mr. Nicholas
A. Perkins lauded the UNMIL and other security agents, saying that the
arrest and destruction of the grass was a major step.

He said they could boast of men and women who are capable of bringing
to book those who are filling the market with loads of Marijuana.

He also confirmed reports about the existing of large farms of
marijuana in Bong and Nimba Counties, saying that there are plans to
move on these areas.
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