Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jan 2004
Source: Airdrie Echo (CN AB)
Copyright: 2004 Airdrie Echo
Author: Kevin Allan
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Dear Editor:

MADD has been taken over by the political police.

Legal pot will reduce drunk driving deaths.

The truth is that all these illicit drugs are less intoxicating than the
legal drug alcohol.

It seems obvious that the drug with the highest intoxication rate (alcohol)
is the drug most dangerous to those around the user or abuser of that drug.

This is best described in a recent RCMP report on the Impact of Crime and
Substance Abuse in Canadian Society, released April 30, 2002, as summarized
by the following statement: "Violent crimes such as murder and assault were
more often associated with the use of alcohol, while crimes such as theft
and robbery tended to have a stronger link to illegal drugs."

So why do we terrorize the illicit drug user when the alcohol user is more
dangerous ?

It, as in all other reports, showed that alcohol is the drug which is most
dangerous to those around the user or abuser of that drug. It also showed
how prohibition causes crime by the high cost of illicit drugs on the black
market - or else we would be overthrown in our society by the alcohol
abusers if the problem was intoxication.

Most addicts are alcohol addicts. All we hear about is the evil marijuana,
while youths die from alcohol.

The police like to say that alcohol is used in moderation, but marijuana is
to get high (as high as one drink of alcohol).

Youths don't use alcohol in moderation. They lie. That's why it's the number
one killer of young people of all drugs.

As for driving under the influence of marijuana, alcohol is 40 times more
likely to get you killed in a car accident, while pot is twice as likely,
yet all we hear from the police is about the influence of marijuana on
driving. They lie.

This can be checked at:

Media should provide the truth in order to educate readers.

- - Kevin Allan,

North Vancouver, B.C.
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